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My Therapy Services

Office hours:

Tuesdays ant Thursdays 9 am to 5 pm


I offer both short and long-term therapy - whatever feels right for you. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and takes place at an agreed time each week.

In a session, you set the agenda; this is your time to talk about issues that are concerning you. I listen, empathise and check my understanding out with you. I will not tell you what to do, as I believe each person knows the best way forward for them, and through our joint exploration, this may become clear to you. Exploring issues together can lead to insights and helpful realisations. I work on developing a therapeutic relationship where you feel safe to explore even the difficult and painful issues, which you may not have disclosed to anyone before. Talking in a safe environment can alleviate painful feelings.

I offer an Introductory session at a reduced rate of £40. This gives you the chance to explain what’s brought you to counselling and to see how I work, so that you can decide whether you think it will be helpful to you. At the end of this session, you may decide that counselling is not for you, or you may decide to continue, in which case we can arrange further sessions. The number of sessions will vary according to your needs. You are free to terminate counselling at any time.

My fees after the first session are on a sliding scale of between £50 and £60. We agree the amount at the first session, depending on individual circumstances, and what is manageable for you to pay. 




Talking to a new adult about personal things can be quite intimidating for many children and young people, so I work at putting them at ease. My first task when meeting a child or young person is to begin to form  a connection with them, and to create a safe and confidential space which allows them to talk about their concerns, should they wish to do so. I am helped in this by my experience as a teacher, when I enjoyed working and talking with children. I use creative activities as a means of exploring situations and feelings; talking one-to-one ‘in the spotlight’ of an adult’s gaze can be very daunting for many children, but talking whilst being engaged in an art activity can feel very different.

In the first session (which I offer at the reduced rate of £40), I meet with the child/young person and their parents/carers. We talk about what’s brought them to counselling, and I give information about how I work. If the child/young person feels OK about it, at some point in the session, I ask the parents/carers to wait in another room, while I spend the rest of the session with the individual – it is important for the child/young person to feel OK about working with me alone, for this is how future sessions will proceed. At the end of the session, I suggest that the family go away and talk about where they would like to go next (it is very important that the child/young person feels comfortable working with me). We can then arrange further sessions as necessary. The number of sessions will vary according to needs.

I have an enhanced DBS criminal record certificate for working with children and young people.

My fees after the first session are on a sliding scale of between £50 and £60. we agree the amount at the first session, depending on individual circumstances, and what is manageable for you to pay. 


I offer both telephone and online counselling via Zoom.

You decide which option would suit you best. If you prefer the phone, I will ring you at the agreed time. If you prefer video, I will send to a secure link before each session. In either case, you will need a private space where you can talk without risk of being overheard, and where you won't be interrupted. It works best if the space is quiet - no TV's or music on in the background - so that there are no distractions. 

I offer an Introductory session at a reduced fee of £40, so that you can see if this way of working is right for you, and any technical issues can be sorted. The therapy can be short-term or longer - as with face-to-face therapy, you decide the number of sessions you have.

My fees after the first session are on a sliding scale of between £50 and £60. $e agree the amount at the first session, depending on individual circumstances, and what is manageable for you to pay. 

Payment can be made by bank transfer, or I can send a secure payment link. I ask that payment be made before the session.


I offer supervision to both trainees and qualified counsellors.

I completed my supervision training through Cruse, gaining an Ascentis accredited award in 2010. I spent two years supervising groups of bereavement volunteers with Cruse, and in 2014 started supervising bereavement volunteers at St Wilfrids Hospice, Eastbourne. I currently supervise three groups there.

In my private practice I have provided individual supervision to students on the FdSc in Person Centred Counselling, University of Brighton, and also students on the BSc (Hons) in Person Centred Counselling. Having done this for several years now it means I’m familiar with the courses, the paperwork and the course requirements.

I supervise qualified counsellors working in private practice, and being in private practice myself I can understand the challenges of this work.

I also supervise counsellors working with children and young people. I’ve worked as a counsellor with children and young people since 2008, initially with bereaved children and young people with Cruse, following their training in this area. I currently see children and young people in my private practice, with a range of issues, and of all ages – my youngest client was 5 years old, through to 18 year olds. Some of the counsellors I supervise work in school settings. I’m helped in this by my own experience as a primary school teacher, which means I have an inside understanding of this setting.

The supervision I offer is Person Centred. My focus is to offer the Core Conditions, so that supervisees feel safe to explore all aspects of their work. We explore both client content and therapist process.


One hour – £50

90 mins – £75

Counsellors in training: £45

‘I began to see as the sessions continued that the emphasis was on me to express my feelings and concerns and by expressing them – help me resolve these issues. Colleen really helped me in this process.’

‘I came to Colleen at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed. She helped me gain perspective and develop managing strategies and I was surprised at how much I learnt and developed over my sessions.'

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