Covid-19 protocols
Please note:

In light of the easing regulations, I've now changed my protocols. Masks are optional (I'm happy to wear one if you'd prefer), the chairs are still 2 metres apart, and I still keep the French doors slightly open to allow ventilation, weather permitting.

If however, you'd feel more comfortable with some of the previous protocols being applied (see below), please let me know.

I've listed below the protocols I'm putting in place, so that you can check that you are comfortable to meet in the room. If not, we could meet by zoom, or by phone.


  • The chairs are 2 metres apart. Please note, this means the chair is pushed back against bookshelves - please be aware of this (I don't want you to knock your head if you lean back!). The chair will be covered with a freshly-washed throw, which will be washed after use.


  • The French doors between the chairs will be open. This will hopefully ensure a good flow of fresh air into the room. Just to flag up - with the doors open, depending on weather, it could get a bit chilly, so may be an idea to come prepared!


  • With the open doors, and 2 metre spacing, we have the option to take masks off when we're seated. I'm happy to do so, or am also happy to keep masks on if you prefer.


  • When you arrive, there will be some hand sanitiser in the porch for you to use. If you can wear a mask when you come in, that would be great (I will also do so). Once I've opened the door, I'll stand back to allow you to come in, and then follow you into the room. .


  • I'm asking that people bring their own water and tissues, should they need them. There will be a wipeable table by the chair for you to put them on.




 As the doors will be open, I have checked that conversations in the room can't be heard by anyone passing by on the street - they can't. There may be times, however, when we will be able to hear noise from the street, although it is generally quite a quiet road. The positioning of the chairs means that people sitting in them aren't visible from the street.

Arrrival time:

As I don't have a waiting room, and I need time in between appointments to prepare the room, please can you arrive at the time of your appointment, rather than arriving early.

Test and Trace:

Please be aware that if I am contacted by Test and Trace, I will need to provide the names and contact numbers of recent contacts.


If you are displaying symptoms before the session, if you can let me know, and we can re-arrange the session (or do it by zoom). I will do the same.


If you have any questions, or need further information, please let me know.

Previous protocols: