Client comments


‘ I started seeing Colleen 18 months after the death of my father. Up to that point I felt I was doing ‘fine’, but suddenly developed terrible health anxiety that began to impede on my daily life. Colleen allowed me the space and time to talk openly about losing my father, the situation leading up to his death, and the aftermath. As the sessions continued Colleen was able to bring forth issues within my life that I had never really spoken to anybody about before, but which were contributing to both the anxiety and a general poor quality of life. Exploring these aspects with Colleen gave me the confidence to take control of the anxiety and take control of my life, and I am actually beginning to like myself at last. I just wish I had started seeing her ten years ago.’ S.

‘Many, many thanks for all you have done for me. Without you I feel all my thoughts would still be locked up inside me. Thank you for your understanding and wisdom.’ D.

‘Colleen has a very calm presence. She is easy to talk to and intuitive. Very empathic.’ R.

‘For a long time in my life and ever since I can remember, I have had a phobia of sickness. My phobia was not only that of being sick, but also led to anxieties affecting many aspects of my life. Since seeing Colleen initially some 3 years ago, my life has completely changed and her support really has helped. Even now if I ever feel low I know that I will be welcomed back by Colleen who has always been a huge help and support. Colleen is personable, welcoming and makes you feel at ease straight away. I personally found that although my fear was sickness, I also had other worries that Colleen talked through with me and helped me to overcome and sometimes just accept.
I couldn’t recommend Colleen enough and thank her for all her amazing help and support.’ Sam

‘Thank you for your support over the last few months. Just knowing that I have someone to talk to has been an amazing help to me. It feels as though we have been on a long journey together.’ J.

‘Colleen has helped me to come to terms with my confusion over grieving – in a professional, calm and effective manner she has changed my concept of the grieving process.   With her help I am now able to accept my own way of grieving and move forward in my life. Thank you.’ Elaine

‘Colleen has been patient, accepting and warm.’ E.

‘I came to Colleen at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed. She helped me gain perspective and develop managing strategies and I was surprised at how much I learnt and developed over my sessions. The’light bulb’ moments I had with her I know I would not have achieved on my own. Her counseling approach was perfect for what I needed and
was the right combination of professionalism and humanity and allowed me to be vulnerable with myself to really explore what was driving my negative emotions. Should I need future support I would not hesitate to come back to see her.’ L.

‘I just want to say thank you for your kind and professional services over these past few months, Thank you so much for helping me ‘become’ on this development journey.’ S.

‘I began to see as the sessions continued that the emphasis was on me to express my feelings and concerns and by expressing them – help me resolve these issues. Colleen really helped me in this process.’ L.

‘Thank you so much for helping me to have confidence in myself and believe and love myself. I would never have believed it possible!’ D.

‘Colleen’s listening and guidance through my thoughts and difficulties have made a real positive difference to my life.’ M.

‘Colleen’s help and support this year has helped me deal with some challenging times. I know that me and my family would not be where we are today without her support. The future looks good, and a lot different to this time last year.’ R